A Minecraft Server For All



Welcome to CrossCraft Webste, for our minecraft server! We are running a 24/7 Minecraft server which is avalable ANYWHERE in the world! We are looking for new, ambitious players! We also have friendly staff, Who are allways there to help you. There are many plugins such as economy and factions, groupmanger and logblock ect to protect you from greifers and hacked! Hope you enjoy our server 

Founder TheOfficialHDGamer [xxsniper7xx] [Sniper] [Will]

A Note To Griefers...

We have been running servers for a long,time 2 Years!, and we do not tolerate any griefing, or distruption to other players. If you are found to be griefing, or causing mayhem we will ban You, and then if you hack your IP address.

Video From TheOfficialHDGamer